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Ok, this place definately deserves a higher rank!  Whoever gives this less than 4 stars is crazy.  I have been going here after playing golf in the area for close to 15 years.  Great food, good portions, good prices.  Their shredded chicken burrito is fantastic.  I am picky when it comes to mexican food, and Bobbi’s is definately one of my favorites.  Those who complain about spending $.75 on chips are crazy.  The burrito is $5.95 and great quality.  Bobbi’s keep doing what you’re doing and don’t pay attention to the naysayers


I am a fan.  I do not live in Camarillo anymore so I always try to stop by while I am in town.  The food is fresh and delicious.  Prices are good and the seating area is clean.  I would recommend this to anyone for a burrito, taco or enchiladas.


Best fish tacos I’ve had so far! Love it and the staff are very friendly! (GET THE FISH TACOS)



Tri Tip Burrito, all burritos should be made like this.


My family has been going to Bobbi’s for years and I can honestly say that this is the BEST Mexican food around! Anything you order is fantastic! You cant go wrong!


Best Taco Salad in the County, Ask for Whole Beans, extra lettuce  and enjoy sooooo good And I know I have ordered taco salad in every Mexican restaurant in the county. And the best part is I live an easy 5 minute drive to Bobbi’s


Ive been going to bobbis for about a decade and i like to eat healthy and the yummy burritos are big and wholesome without loosing the traditional mexican cuisine feeling. You’ll never go to a fast food restaurant with food made more warmly and caringly. Its one of a kind lots of regulars, families and people that come from all over the county to get their fix and deliciousness. I wish i lived closer.


bbq tri tip!!!
green/verde sauce!!!!!!!


Hometown favorite, so five stars! 

This is my regular, tri-tip burrito add cheese. So good! As im writing this im away from home and getting home sick. The meat is cooked with love every time, you can taste it! I also get the chicken crispy tacos, which are packed with cheese. 

Everything about this place I like. Theres always a line, becuase its that good so call in your order if youre in a rush. If you come in during the day around lunch its even better because thats when theyre cooking the meat outside on their giant Q and the smell lingers into the restaurant and a couple miles away. 

The service is always great and has that small town feel to it. If youre a regular they get to know you on a first name basis and you always see the owners in helping around the kitchen or having small talk with peeps.

They recently updated the interior which is really nice, but I really liked the old way because thats just how I was used to it being for ever. 

I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Come to my home town favorite mexican joint!


My family has been going to Bobbi’s Burrito for YEARS. Probably well over 15 years. Maybe even longer. Yup, just talked to my mom and she said the first one we went to was on Saviers in Oxnard and we lived in Oxnard over 20 years ago, so that tells you how long we’ve been eating Bobbi’s Mexican Food. 

The beef burrito is a favorite to me. Shredded beef in this gravy-like sauce – so good. Don’t even need cheese with it, plenty of flavor. I also like to get the “plain and boring” beans, rice and cheese burrito, but it’s anything but plain and boring. Their rice is so good.  From time to time I’ll order it on the side and use it in my homemade chicken tortilla soup. 

Their medium salsa is the best. I like my stuff spicy. It’s hard to find a good hot sauce that isn’t either flavorless or overly salty. Bobbi’s has a perfect medium. My mom and I used to order a just chips and salsa to curb a craving. I even use their salsa on spaghetti (because I hate it so much, but my husband and kids like it). It makes spaghetti bearable. ‘

Their tacos are so good, because their meat is so good. I don’t like chunky cubed meat, so the shredded style works for me. Suprisingly, I haven’t tried everything on their menu but I’ve never heard anyone say “Yuck, this is gross!”. 

Bobbi’s isn’t what I would call south of the border authentic, but it has a unique flavor that you won’t find anywhere else in Ventura County. Yes it’s fattening. Yes it’s greasy (but not too greasy). Yes it’s mexican with a bbq-kick. And yes, it’s damn good and well worth the extra calories. 

Portions are very big and price is comparable to other popular local mexican joints like Ola’s, El Tecolote, and Yolanda’s.


Best Burritos in the County.  Love the endless baskets of chips.  Great place to chow down!


This is the best Mexican food I have found in Camarillo. The salsas are very good, the food is spiced nicely and the portions are good. They have outdoor and indoor seating. It’s pumping at the lunch hour. The blonde girl that works there is rude to women but incredibly nice to men. Maybe she’s looking for a boyfriend fellas?


Best Mexican Food without a doubt. If  you are in Camarillo do not pass it up. Local to the max.


I love hole-in-the-wall style restaurants because I find they have the friendliest staff and very underrated food.  Bobbi’s is one of those places.  I have never dined-in, I always get take out, so I can’t speak to the dining atmosphere.  However, the food is amazing.  I am slightly obsessed with the carnitas burritos and carnitas nachos!  Definitely some of the best carnitas I’ve ever had.  I’ve had the crispy potato taco too, which is very unique and surprisingly delicious.  My husband loves spicy while I don’t handle it so well, and Bobbi’s has food spicy enough to satisfy him and mild enough to satisfy me.  Speaking of satisfaction, the portions are GIGANTIC and the prices SMALL.  I love that I live walking distance to this place.  I strongly recommend Bobbi’s.

Updated – 4/18/2011

Great food, great service.  After reading some of the reviews I was sadden by the incorrect statements.  Chips are free, and I found the asking of salsa easier than having to get it myself and appreciate that they are looking out for us the customer by making sure the salsa does not get contaminated by another patron.   For someone that has eaten here over the years it is nice that a Mom & Pop place is always looking to make things better.  People are people and yes sometimes there are little mistakes, but the 2 times I have had one they have been addressed with kindness.  The food is yummy and you can’t get better Mexican in Camarillo.

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You can’t get better Mexican food anywhere else in Camarillo… I suggest the Carne Asata burrito!

Clean kitchen, great food, friendly staff!

I drive from Ventura to get food to go.  

Besides great food they are a 2010 supporter of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Greater LA chapter (Ventura) 




You should only go to Bobbi’s if you enjoy freshly made, delicious Mexican food, excellent service and a conscientious management. I only eat there 2 or 3 times a month but only because I live 125 miles away. I always stop there for the potato tacos; my husband usually opts for the carne asada burrito. The potato tacos are enormous and filled with perfectly spiced potato, freshly shredded lettuce, grated cheese and sour cream. I add the hottest salsa because I am muy caliente. Last time we stopped in it was morning-ish so he ordered the Jack’s breakfast burrito. Wow! It was delicious and satisfying. The food is priced fairly for the freshly made, satisfying food they prepare. I look forward to my next meal there–next weekend!

Updated – 4/12/2011

You know what, on second thought… Five Stars! I originally gave three because 3 means A-OK and I think A-OK is great, but then I reconsidered and remembered that there are two important factors that I left out of my original review:

1. Management
2. Ownership

Let me back up a bit. Take Chipotle, for example. Not only is the food bad (white rice? really?), but it’s a chain run by heartless zombies at the corporate level and future sailors/soldiers/etc. at the franchise level.

Bobbi’s on the other hand is operated by friendly personnel with bright smiles and the cashier used to wear a guitar pick necklace which, as Hannah Montana would say, is “pretty cool”.

Secondly, it’s owned by some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet not some board of directors, nameless shareholders or evil corporate goons.

So head to Bobbi’s and support your local, friendly business owners.

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In the early nineties, I was a vegetarian and I worked in Ventura, so I would go to Bobbi’s and order the corn burritos. I thought they were awesome. Shredded cheese, sour cream and chunky, avocado-y guacamole on top made them my favorite for 3 years. Then, one day, I ate a chicken burrito in Fillmore and could no longer claim vegetarianism. Then Bobbi’s in Ventura became Jim and Rob’s and the style totally changed. Fast forward to 2008 and I tried Bobbi’s in Camarillo three times and was very pleased with their original shredded beef burrito, their excellent service, their great, fresh tortilla chips and salsa and their clean dining area. 


Great food, great prices.  Recommend their carnitas tacos, beef taquitos with guacamole, salsas, chips, tri-tip plates, nachos grande.

Also, for soccer fans, they have their TV tuned to the soccer channel most times.


bobbi had me at potato tacos. nothing get’s my panties wet more than the thought of one of his deep fried potato tacos smothered in sour cream and shredded cheese. plus he added unlimited tortilla chips which are season so goddamn well, i pack 2 bags with me. hellz to the yeah!


Nobody mentioned the fish tacos…they are deliciously fresh and grilled to perfection.  I honestly haven’t tried anything else, but I go once a week since it’s down the street from my office.  If I could be the voice of reason, and it seems as though the owners are active in responding to yelpers…I miss the old days when a few chips were thrown in complimentary.  Overall, I love this place.


I like to think of Bobbi’s as home-cooked Mexican food, the kind your auntie would make for you at Sunday dinner (if you had a Mexican auntie). We almost didn’t eat here, due to the negative Yelp reviews, but after recently moving to the area, my dad came to visit from Seattle with one request: He wanted to eat here after a friend of a friend recommended the place. So, we went. And I am so glad that we did!

With so few ingredients used in their dishes, the ingredients really need to shine. And shine they do. The shredded beef burrito consists of refried beans, rice, tortilla and the star of the dish–the shredded beef in “gravy.” Broken down to its basic elements, this dish epitomizes comfort food at its most delicious. The rice is moist and flavorful, the shredded beef is rich and meaty, the beans are the perfect binder, and the tortilla is not too dense, not too thin . To mix in any other ingredient would kill this perfect balance. If you are looking for a burrito with cheese, sour cream, lettuce, etc, you are better off going elsewhere. Or you can enjoy this simple, wholesome food.

On a second trip, we tried the tacos and the chips and guacamole. The chips are home-made, lightly salted and perfectly crisped. Guacamole is fine. But the tacos are really delicious. The carnitas was tender, and there was a lot of it. The fish taco was light and perfectly seasoned, although it could have used a lot more of the cream sauce. The medium salsa is outstanding. It has a smokey flavor to it that packs a flavor punch, without being overwhelmingly spicy. We are so glad we tried this place, and will be back many times to try even more items.


These burritos are HUGE. 

I definitely underestimated the size of these burritos when I ordered, but it was overall really tasty. The pork was marinated just right, and it was so tender! 

Definitely a good experience, especially after coming down from the 101.

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